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    MKWorld Rules


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    MKWorld Rules

    Post  Lexxeh on Sat Sep 01, 2012 3:09 pm

    Rules of MKWorld

    Hello! Welcome to MKWorld! If you're new here, this is the thread for you.


    • No trolling/flaming.
    - This includes arguments taking place on any thread. Keep in mind that if those of a higher rank come across a argument of any kind, every comment will be deleted.

    • No cussing.
    - MKWorld is full of young players. Please just censor your words and don't get out of hand with it.

    • No disrespecting those of a higher rank.
    - Please respect administrators and mods. We try our best to keep members happy.

    • No spamming/flooding.
    - Do NOT spam or flood a thread of any kind. After two posts, it's considered "spam".

    • No inappropriate pictures.
    - This includes links.

    • No sexual/racist/offensive comments.
    • No alt accounts.

    Every other forum rule is based on YOUR common sense.

    • But remember to...have fun!

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